Book Launch: Negrophobia by Darius James

Book Launch: Negrophobia by Darius James

Monday Mar 11, 2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

POWERHOUSE @ the Archway
28 Adams Street (Corner of Adams & Water Street @ the Archway)
Brooklyn , NY 11201

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About the Book.

Darius James’s scabrous, unapologetically raunchy, truly hilarious, and deeply scary NEGROPHOBIA first published in 1992 and now back in printis a wild-eyed reckoning with the mutating insanity of American racism. A screenplay for the mind, a performance on the page, a work of poetry, a mad mix of genres and styles, a novel in the tradition of William S. Burroughs and Ishmael Reed that is like no other novel, NEGROPHOBIA begins with the blonde bombshell Bubbles Brazil succumbing to a voodoo spell and entering the inner darkness of her own shiny being. Here crackheads parade in the guise of Muppets, Muslims beat conga drums, Negroes have numbers for names, and H. Rap Remus demands the total and instantaneous extermination of the white race through spontaneous combustion. By the end of it all, after going on a weird trip for the ages, Bubbles herself is strangely transformed.








About The Author.James Darius

Darius James is a writer and spoken-word performance artist. He is the author of NEGROPHOBIA: AN URBAN PARABLE, THAT’S BLAXPLOITATION!: ROOTS OF THE BAADASSSSS ’TUDE (RATED X BY AN ALL-WHYTE JURY); VOODOO STEW; and FROGGIE CHOCOLATE’S CHRISTMAS EVE. His writing has appeared in multiple publications, including The Village VoiceVibe, and Spin, and he is the co-writer and narrator of the 2012 film The United States of Hoodoo. He lives in Connecticut.