Auntie Uncle

Ellie Royce
Illustrated by Hannah Chambers

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ISBN-13: 9781576879351
Trim Size: 11-3/16 x 9-1/2
Page Count: 32
The narrator thinks it's awesome that his Uncle and his Auntie are the same person. Uncle Leo is an accountant, and is great at helping with math homework. Auntie Lotta is a fabulous performer who loves to sing at home with her nephew. One day Lotta's family comes to watch her perform at the local pride parade. Suddenly, a dog breaks free of its leash and nearly causes a float-crash, but Lotta springs into action just in time to save the dog and the parade. The mayor wants to give her a medal for courage and to celebrate with all her friends, but Lotta worries that her friends who only know him as "Leo" won't get along with her fellow drag performers who know her as "Lotta." With the help of her nephew they put together a fierce look that is both Leo and Lotta, the perfect ensemble for an Auntie Uncle. A sweet, uplifting story about boldly being your true self that's a "Lotta Fun." -The first commercially published picture book for children to star a drag queen! -Seeking illustrator from the LGBTQ community to bring first-hand perspective on the subject matter (the author is not). -We are seeking a drag performer to write a forward to the story, explaining what it means to be a drag queen, and how it differs from being transgender. -Drag queens are fantastic promoters. We at POW have a number of connections to the New York drag community and will be reaching out to them in the hopes that they will embrace the book and help generate publicity. -Drag queen story time, where drag queens come to libraries and bookstores to read picture books to children, has had a number of viral moments on the internet. This book will easily connect to that existing cultural niche.